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Google Play Account Suspended

Guest si0077

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If you are one of the unlucky ones to have your Google Play account suspended, you may be able to help. Google uses a system that is very unfair and borderline illegal. For a monopoly worth billions of dollars, Google should have someone you can talk to when this happens, however, when it does happen, you receive an automated email and appeals normally fall on def ears. If you lose the appeal, any emails you send are simply either deleted or ignored, making it impossible to argue your case. In many cases, your account is suspended without a valid reason, the links to Google´s terms are pointless, many people follow them and never break the terms but still end up with their accounts suspended. The entire automated process of account suspension needs changing to give developers a fair chance to argue their case. Google is not always right, even when Google is wrong, their decision is final. If you rely on your Google Play developer account to pay your bills, earn a living, put food on your table etc and you lose your account, you are pretty much screwed. Amazon store is supposedly the next best but since Google Play removed the Amazon app, it has gone downhill. Opera was the next best but they are now linking directly to Google Play apps instead of hosting the APK files, the reason is the warning message that every Android phone gives you when you are installing an app that is not on Google Play. Google have the monopoly and are using it to kill off every bit of competition they ever had and it is working great for them at the expense of many thousands of people who have been suspended.

What you can do to help is share a blog written about how Google are getting away with this. The more people who share it, the more chance Google may just reinstate some accounts and change the way they work. Please read the blog and it may open your eyes to Googles corrupt system. If it got 1000 shares on Facebook, Google will take notice and it will be a valid case against them. Google will need to do something but I need your help.

The link is a Facebook post, easier to like and share, http://■■■■■■/gdhWuf

Thank you.

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