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MUST READ It just may be because of your graphic or profile text [ARCHIVED]


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Are you wondering why your not generating any sales? Or why you are making slow sales?

Profile photo
When viewers see that you have made the effort in creating a nice photo to show off who you are, they become more interested in viewing more of your gigs, which may lead into a successful sale.

Gig gallery Image
IT IS A MUST. If you do not have a high quality, normal gig image people would not click on yours when people are searching for the service you are offering. If there are 2 different results, the viewer will click on the nicer gig rather than the less attractive gig.

Profile text
Is your profile text intimating? Does it say what should be said in the number of letters allowed to be there?
Think Twice – after I personally reviewed a number of accounts I saw the reason why they were not gaining popularity, it was due to the fact that the grammar was incorrect and words misspelled.

Gig text
I’ve seen it too often. Gig text that is literally spelled wrong. An example:

  1. “not only above services we can almost do anything so contact us and tell us what you want”
  2. “people love my works”


The Creative Guys will review your profile text and 1 GIG text for free, just by simply commenting below.

Happy Giggling!

Due to the many requests, it may take some time until I can check your profile!
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Regarding the “people love my works”, this may be considered incorrect spelling/grammar to the US and Canadian people, but many people in India and neighboring countries do use the word “works”. It just means plural.

I know this because I worked with a gentleman from India and he would

frequently use “works” instead of “work”. He was intelligent, hard working

and I asked him about it. He said that it was something that many use

in his country. So, please don’t automatically assume that someone is

inept in spelling/grammar. Also, not everyone’s first language is English,

yet their services/talent can be awesome. 🙂

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