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I am a great buyer and seller


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Unfortunately my old Fiverr was hacked into. I loved the things i saw and eventually became a great buyer. I wanted to support everyone. Then I made my own gig and got support. I realized that if you want people to help you you have to help them to. It sucks that I had to make a new one especially since I had a pretty good ranking. However, now I have a lot to work on. I made 4 gigs and they are

-Help you with your PC and phone problems

-Relationship Advice.

-Help you with your YouTube.

-I am also going to do a personal conversation since I am a victim of Abuse in all forms.

I have been freelancing for a while long after my other Fiverr was hacked. Just remember never to spam a post, blog, forum, or any one’s page. I had to learn this the hard way. Now I am starting over. However, In my case, It’s not about the money, I just love helping.

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