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General Fiverr gig Questions: Potential of translations, marketing, and community


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Hello Fiverr!

I’m a Fiverr translator that’s still pretty new, just got lvl2 seller 1/2 year ago. Things have been great, perhaps not the best, but I appreciate what has happened over the course of 6 months, and I think my gig has improved a lot since I started on Fiverr. This whole Fiverr thing is an amazing opportunity for students like me who appreciate the flexible time that Fiverr offers. So far, I’ve been getting around $200-$400 per month, and I’m grateful. However, I’d like to expand my gig and make it available for more wide range of buyers. I really try hard to obligate myself, and deliver every single order; I feel responsible for everything I translate.

Any how, my gig is mainly on Korean/English translation (vice-versa) and many customers I get are requesting software, app, game translations which I am delighted to take part in. I know that localization of apps and games really help their sale rates and allow them to grasp a bigger audience. So with this in mind, I’d like to take try to market my gig to have more flow of extensive clients. I’ve created a Twitter account dedicated to the gig, allowing customers to keep track of my progress and availability, but since I’m not really a social-media user Facebook wasn’t so easy for me to get into. I’m thinking of using other Fiverr gigs to get some advice, and maybe get some help marketing my gig. I know that translation alone has limits, since this is a one-man team and I cannot accept everything. Yet, I’d love to be on Fiverr till I graduate with my Masters if it allows me, and if not, at least my Bachelors.

I’ve recently, started a new gig for testing and reviewing games/apps/softwares since I’ve come in contact with many of them through translation services, and see this as a great opportunity to branch out my gig.

I apologize for the long rant and back-story but felt like it was necessary for me to explain this so that I can get some strong advice from you-fellow Fiverr gurus!

-From my situation, how can I further incorporate my Twitter/Facebook account to market my gig and get more customers?

-Any advice on managing or presenting Fiverr gigs?

-I personally think that I am very, polite, respectful, and patient when it comes down to customer service. I think that this hospitality, and my obligation and serious-dedication to this whole Fiverr thing can get me to a bigger picture.

Any advice regarding this would be extremely helpful.

*How much do you guys earn per month? My goal for this year is a solid $500-$800 per month.

Thanks in advance and have a great start for this new year of 2015!

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You got some good gigs but I think you should increase your portfolio with other services you can provide.

I think there are way too many people on fiverr who give translation services. If you are specific only in english to korean I think you should do some research on it and find other ppl who provide the same services.

Go to their profiles take notes on what title, description and keywords they have used and try to implement it in your gigs as well. its all about market research and constantly innovating your gigs to increase revenue.

I do that almost every week and monitor the changes I have made to see what has ben positive and what hasnt.

You should also utilize social media like twitter and linkedin. these two are essential as you can reach a wider audience and improve impressions, clicks and eventual they will become sales.

At one point I was making $1500 a month but I think due to the change in fiverr 3.0 etc sales have gone down… My aim is to be making at least 2-2500 a month.

You should also increase your goals and try to hit $1000 a month.

Let me know if you need any help.



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Reply to @safwan:

Thank You for your wonderful advice! I haven’t thought of checking similar gigs to improve and learn from it. I did try to keep competitive price and services in contrast to others though.

Also, like your advice, I branched out my gigs to testing & reviewing apps, games & etc since I’ve accumulated experience from all the localization/translation that I’ve done so far. Like other sellers are mentioning, my sales have dropped after late-December, and I’m hoping it’ll catch up again January. I use Twitter for my gig, but I’ve yet properly and efficiently used Facebook & Linkedin. Unfortunately, I’m not very experienced and still new to Facebook, and will need to figure a way out to use this.

I also had this idea of gathering similar gig-sellers; translators, app/game developers and create a community where we can help each other advertise and market gigs for everyone benefit. If you are free in time, I’d love to hear more of your advice on the whole Fiverr improvement subject, and social media utilization.

Also, if there’s anything I can do to help I’d be glad to do so as well.

Thanks again, and I’ll be available on Fiverr message!



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