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Your first selling


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Hello everybody!

do you still remember your first selling here on fiverr?

i doubt that you can forget it…

my first selling was before 5 days, so i remember it for sure

and i think i’ll remember it forever 😛 it was a gig to offer social media headers, i delivered a facebook and an ebay headers, the buyer was great, and i did a great job too… it was a successful experience.

what about you? tell us about your first selling story!

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Guest jdadvertising

My first sale was in october 2014, about a month after i joined fiverr. But i was super pumped and really happy. It was a logo redesign. Now today an entire 213 gigs created later, i am looking and working hard and fast toward Top Seller!

For those who are awaiting a sale, be patient and ensure your keywords directly match your gigs, your gig photo is attractive, gig description enticing and free of grammatical errors and your portfolio contains your best of the best.

Put out your best and attract the best.

Cant wait to hear about your sales guys!! 🙂

Cheers :)>-

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