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Feedback system is flawed


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I absolutely love fiverr. I was trying to get some design work done for a website, so naturally the search started at fiverr. I probably paid 5 different people to do designs for me so I could get a variety and find something that I liked. However what I noticed was, as the deadline approached, all of these sellers just cancelled my order. I guess it was too much for them or something. I wasn’t asking above and beyond what their gig had listed or anything. They just didn’t want to finish the order so they cancelled it. Which isn’t fair to me because now I have to find someone else to do it and it just sucks up my time messaging people back and forth.

The suggestion would be to add some type of metric for gigs completed and gigs cancelled by the seller. If I see that a seller cancells 75% of gigs then I know not to count on them completing my job for a time sensitive matter.


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