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Help me improve my gigs :(


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Hi… I’ve been having alot of healt issues lately, so im taking a break from school for this year… Im 21, and really wanted to atleast help my family by earning some money…

So i started doing some fiverr gigs… I have 15 in total, and not getting a single order, or even view… I mean, not 1 view in past 2 days… come on 😦

Some of my gigs that i thought should atleast get me 1 sale a week or something:





I need some tips with this… I didnt think it would be this hard to get atleast 1 sale in total 😦

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Hello dizzywall 🙂

First of all, welcome to Fiverr!

Sorry to hear about your health issues, I hope you’re okay.

I’ve taken a look at your gigs and layout wise they look pretty good. I think it would be a great idea to put some samples up of your work, especially on your logo gig. If potential buyers can see a few examples of what you can do, they will be more likely to order your gigs!

When you’re first starting out it’s a smart idea to offer more than your competitors for a lower price, then once you get a good reputation and a substantial number of positive reviews you can raise your price to match your experience and quality of work 🙂

Another thing you can do is share your gigs online with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Reddit etc as you never know who may need your services!

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