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Hi. Recently, I was sending messages to find potential buyers, but I think I read something that said that was against the terms. Anyways, I read that when I was trying to find a reason for my error message when I try to message someone: '.You need to be an active seller to contact potential buyers directlyYou need to be an active seller to contact potential buyers directly: 'You need to be an active seller to contact potential buyers directly.'

Please help, and explain what this means. Also, it says ‘Start Selling’ in green on the top left, where it used to say something else, which I can’t remember. So, did I break the TOS? If so, how can I become a seller again? It was obviously an accident, which I guess I should had read the TOS before using the site, huh? Does this mean I can’t get sales now? I’m really upset, because I started using this site 2 days ago, already have $24 in sales and was ready to make more! Thank you for reading, & I hope someone can help me!

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If you were sending unsolicited messages to others on Fiverr, telling them about your Gigs or asking them to check out the services you offer, then that is usually considered spam and that is against the TOS.

To me, it sounds like your account was banned. Which, if all you done was spam, you should have only received a warning and/or have your messaging privileges disabled. This leads me to believe you have done more than simply spam, i.e. violated the TOS in multiple ways.

Obviously, you didn’t do this intentionally and it sounds like you really don’t know what all you’ve done wrong. My best advice would be to contact customer support, ask them what is going on with your account, and if it turns out you in fact violated the TOS… then try to apologize, and let them know you did not mean to violate the TOS.

Depending on the severity of your violations, customer support may be able to reinstate your account.

Hope this helps, good luck! 🙂

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