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Negative Comments to be removed(pendable)


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If you have an issue with a negative comment that brought down all of your orders and you never get any customers anymore, it really is annoying and this causes a lot of people to stop using Fiverr. I haven’t gotten an order in a few weeks because of this ONE negative comment, when I got 10 that previous week.

I think if it is an unfair negative comment, such as buyer not sending in correct information, not contacting before hand or violating ANY of the rules or terms of the seller, the negative comment should be able to be able to be pended to be removed by a site moderator and if they see fit, they will remove it.

Honestly, most of us are impacted by those demanding buyers. It really hurts your reputation.

How it would work:

  1. Seller has a negative review
  2. In the discussion page where the review was given, little button that says “Not satisfied with your review?” or something like that.
  3. We can type to the moderators why it is not a fair negative review, and the moderator will have a look.
  4. If the moderator sees fit, they will remove the comment, bringing your percentage back to where it was beforehand.

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FEEDBACK is a vicious cycle - testimonials works great - I guess a better system would be to segment them or allow you not to reference show them at all but have the ranking…

One way I witness done on a different site was one vendor using multiple accounts to fake boost a huge ranking rating, to offset the real negative feedback by the real people who were really getting ripped off from this person, so it can go either way.

SO far, as explained above there is a process in place and its a fair one, which to me looks adequate to handle 99.9% of the cases…

Good luck


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Fiverr support will remove feedback if its obviously malicious or fake or from a competitor with an agenda. On the other hand if a buyer has a grievance or is unhappy with the order and it appears to be genuine they will not remove it and ask you to work with the customer and unfortunately there are always grey areas.

On the other hand way, way back when fiverr first started I can tell you 100% some sellers were abusing the system and there were many instances where they were getting any negative feedback removed (genuine feedback) straight away and buyers started complaining in droves, inside and outside fiverr and the system was changed to what it is now.

If you have negative feedback from a customer I would contact them and try to resolve it amicably. The most important thing here is to be polite. I cannot overstate how important that is. If they are rude, ignore it and don’t respond to their negative feedback, this will just inflame the situation and make them more determined to leave the feedback and not deal with you any further. If someone is not happy for any reason I would try to work it out, or offer them an alternative gig. If they do not respond at all try several times and then if they refuse to reply let support know and give them your side of the story.

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Recently I got my one and only neg review (although I had 2 other prior situations that were along the same lines) in which the buyer threatened me over and over with it … after work was delivered and more work … he still didn’t care and I was contacted by 2 other sellers about this one individual. It’s not fair for the system to let buyers threaten neg reviews for more work, a refund, both, etc

Should a thread be started about the one guy and/or a customer support review of the neg review?

Thanks for your help!

Sheriff’s Note: Please refrain from posting duplicates. They’ll be removed

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Why do we have to suffer if the buyer is wrong? Thats my problem. The customer support asks us to resolve it with the buyer. If thats the case why do we even bother contacting the customer support? I had a negative review recently with my gig: http://fiverr.com/shifan/create-a-pdf-from-your-document-with-proper-page-breaks

The buyer sends me a file, I do the things he asks. He agrees it was wonderful. Sends me another file and asks me to do the same with the new file. When I refused and asked to order more gigs. He refuses and gives me a negative feed back.

I am asking If that buyer keep on sending me even 100 more files, should I do them all fearing his negative feedback. The customer support is useless. They are suppose to see the fairness and do the right thing.

I am really hurt.

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