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Ability to link interactive pdfs

Guest onelovegraphics

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Guest onelovegraphics

Hello all,

I just recently started my Fiverr account and I have noticed that most buyers do not read and/or answer my specifications clearly. The most skimmed over specifications are document sizes, which are very important. I have a buyer right now that has not responded to me about the size he/she wants his/her document to be, even after I asked for it in the specifications. In the meantime my time is just clicking away. I have a pdf that I have designed that would make this process much simpler (using check boxes, drop down menus and fill-able text boxes). Unfortunately it is against the Fiverr rules to link any buyer outside of Fiverr. If there is something that I have missed where we, as sellers, can upload an interactive pdf to Fiverr to share with buyers, please do share. It would be even better if all fields had to be filled out before the clock starts, but that’s probably asking too much.

Its unfortunate to have to deal with the very frustrating game of “hurry up and wait” when you are placed in a time restraint to get the job don. Days go by with no response from the buyer with the specifications and I want to be “that guy” that cancels a buyers order because he or she didn’t give me all the info I needed (but I guess maybe that’s what we are supposed to do?). Any other suggestions to this dilemma? Surely some others sellers out there have had this thought cross their minds. I’m open to anything.



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