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Guys, I need an unusual gig


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I need to know a bit more about american (US) people. Let me explain. I´m researching about certain details on popular culture in every state, or in larger regions, like North, South, East and West. There are certain things that differentiate the people from region to region in the same country. We have that in every country in the world. Certain aspects of their culture, things that they do in that particular area, etc. I don’t really know how to put these in better terms for you to understand. I need this to do a caricature of every “type” of region in US, with their people. So, for example, if in North Carolina people are more this and that, I will draw a caricature of a guy from there, with there cultural and physical aspects.

Sorry, but for now I have no other idea on how to explain this 🙂

Thanks for your patience in reading this poor explanation.

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