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Has anyone read the book.....Loving Pedro Infante by Denise Chavez


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i need a 6 page essay done, if anyone can help please contact me

essay directions is post at the bottom of this message

The concept of identity is not something that is easy to grasp, let alone easy to define. For Latinos, identity can be even more complicated as there is really no accurate way to describe millions of people from dozens of specific cultures with one word. In Loving Pedro Infante, we are presented with a character that seems to constantly be striving to achieve a completeness in life, and at moments, Teresina seems to have a great understanding of her identity, yet there are other times when she seems completely lost.

In a 6 page, MLA format essay, answer this question: Do you feel that Teresina has an accurate understanding of her identity? This is obviously an extremely open question, but that is the point. Looking at the novel and looking at her actions, argue whether you think that Teresina truly does understand what it means to be who she thinks she is. Do not use any outside research for this essay; use only your own analysis of the character and of the novel. I repeat: there can be no outside sources cited. I want you to stay focused on the novel and only the novel. There are a million different ways to go about this, but Teresina is an interesting and flawed enough character that you can all find some point of access to deconstruct her.

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