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Tip from Buyer


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You can do it like a gig extra:

"I will Accept a tip"


Or you can create a tip gig like this guy


Or you can ask your buyer to purchase a gig as a tip. Then when you hit deliver, you deliver nothing but your gratitude.

It’s great thing when buyers want to tip, most people don’t want to be parted from their money unless there’s a good reason.

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Guest appliedcurrency

I have been reading alot about how to do this, namely with some interesting ‘tactics’ to make a tip gig very compelling.

Twistedweb123 has a great tipping gig that you can look at.

I haven’t made mine yet, but, one of the things I have seen people do is try to show potential ‘buyers’ of your tip where EXACTLY their tips will be going.

Example: I will take my son/daughter somewhere…

or…I will take my wife/girlfriend/husband/boyfriend on a date…

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Reply to @appliedcurrency: I’ve seen tips with the words “I will drink a beer.” But to me, that doesn’t sell. We don’t tip to help the buyer do anything, we tip him as a token of our appreciation for his work. Like a good waiter that brought the food fast, you feel like rewarding him.

Besides, we’re all perfect strangers on Fiverr, how would I even know if someone has sons our spouses? And what do I get from so and so taking his girlfriend on a date? Now if he wrote “I will make love to my girlfriend while you watch on s***e,” he might get a lot more tips. LOL

Just kidding, s***e porn is terrible. LOL

Can’t believe the word p-o-r-n got marked as fragglesrock

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