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Need Help!


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Hello Guys,

I am New on fiverr! today i created this account and post 3 gigs. I have few questions, Please help me:

Q1. How can i increase Impression?

Q2. How to Increase Sales?

Q3. How to do marketing my gigs?

Q4. Please checks my gigs and tell me is everything ok or not?




Thank You.

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Answer to Q4

It seems it’s a new account of an existing seller. You put the shortened urls of your gigs to trick Fiverr algorithms to believe that your new visits from this forum are the result of your promotion activity (and all visitors are existing Fiverr members = premium visitors ). Also the descriptions of your gigs, tags & titles are highly optimized - a new seller can’t write gigs descriptions like you did…

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I am sorry to say that you are totally wrong @witeatseo10. I am new on fiverr, i don’t have any others accounts on fiverr. i do one month research about fiverr, then create this account.

about short links, when i create those gigs, fiverr give me those short links. i follow fiverr facebook fan page, most of the times they said to do marketing on fiverr forum, they said it’s huge effective, that’s why i’m doing this!!!

I seen you are a second level seller, you are too lucky. Can you please help me, how can i do 100% effective marketing for my gigs. I hope you will help me, because you are most talented person.

Thank You.

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In order to promote your services, you can take advantage of SMM (Social Media Marketing). Firstly, create some profiles on the most popular social media channels, including Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Or you may even use your personal profiles! Post there your offerings.

If your budget allows you, use paid ads on Facebook. In order to achieve a great success, there should be some investment outlay.

You may also create a blog and post there some thematic articles that could be interesting and engaging to your targeted audience.

And don’t forget about the service/brand mentions. They are becoming more and more popular and effective today!

Have a nice day! Hope, this will help.


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