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35,000 sales, my heart came to mouth


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Hi fiverrs!

I joined fiverr since less than a week, I started here by hearing about fiverr from a friend who is doing well on this awesome platform and I also came here with an aim to be a top seller. Just saw a Gig with 34k+ sales and it just pumped me up and motivated me too much about the success on fiverr.

I am not marketing my self but this guy is mind blowing and deserves respect from sellers: https://www.fiverr.com/dino_stark

If you know a better seller then him, please do share it with a newbie like me, I want to know who are top 5 sellers.

Love and best of luck for all Sellers and Buyers <3

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Actually, 35k reviews are not actual sales. In my experience, a lot of buyers don’t review the orders. He has around 35k reviews, but he could have 45k+ sales easily.

And by the way, he is good, but not the most successful seller on Fiverr. There is a seller with 60k+ reviews and 200k+ sales. The profile says 100% World Domination, but I don’t think that’s even possible. Just make a quick search and you can find the profile. 😉

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