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Fiverr's old system of rating SELLERS was good in my opinion


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HI there,

I had two profiles on fiverr, the old one I started was about 2 years ago, and I was unable to continue it due to my job burden and then I paused my profile and left to use it permanently. Now I have again joined fiverr because now I can manage it, I just with a new profile, now I see a new rating system for sellers that is the buyer gives you stars out five for communication, service and for recommendation. Now if the buyer gives you 4.5 in any of them, your rating goes down much though 4.5 is not bad but if effects the overall rating significantly, specially if you have done a few orders like about 40-50. The previous rating system was good when buyers just have to rate positive and seller gets the all 100%.

Are you satisfied with this rating system?



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Hey Demole,

At first I thought it was a bad idea. However, now i’m used to it I do think it’s excellent. I think it was a good way to push sellers to try harder in every aspect rather than just delivery. Gig’s are about the experience. If it’s a 5 star experience they’re going to come back, tell their friends and without a doubt give a 5 star rating to say thanks for all your hard work. There are some buyers that can be difficult but I find it the best feeling ever if I can please a hard to please buyer 🙂



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