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Is the Portfolio Confusing Buyers


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There are two things I look forward to after I deliver a gig (1) a 5 star rating and (2) for my hard work to show up in my portfolio. Lately, the vast majority of the time my work does not show up in the portfolio. If I ask a buyer if they turned it off, 99.9% of the time they say “no”, yet it isn’t there.

If I ask Customer Service if there is a problem with my portfolio 99.9% of the time they say “no”.

So my question is, are buyers confused about how the portfolio is being presented when rating a gig? I know by default it is set to show the work in the portfolio, so are buyers turning it off without knowing they done so?

I’m trying to remember what the portfolio looks like for a buyer when they rate you, but if they are turning it off simply because they are confused by how Fiverr presents it, that explains why my clients say they did not turn it off even though they did because of a confusing layout when rating a gig.

If my memory serves me well, the portfolio shows up with a plus sign in it and my guess is that buyers think they have to click the plus sign to turn it on when they are actually turning it off.

Any thoughts or anyone else experiencing the same thing?

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Thanks madmoo

I sent the client a message after I posted here and they said they did not do anything they were aware of to turn the portfolio off. It is kind of discouraging to work days on a gig and for it not to show up in the portfolio to help advertise your work.

I was aware I could have them change it, but I tried to do that once before. I seem to confuse them more than help and my 5 stars turn in to 0 stars. I guess they decided to not rate me at all after trying and not being able to figure out how to get my work to show up in my portfolio.

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