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It's a shame for fivver!


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it’s a shame for fivver !

i send them a ticket before a 3 days and they ignore me !

what happen ?


i make order of 25$ and the seller cancel it for a reason…

(for 25$ of order fivver take 4.5$ VAT…)

so it’s mean i suppose to see in my balance 29.5$ but it’s not the situation !

in my balance i have only 28.1$…

now i want reorder from the same seller and the same deal and i need to pay 29.5$ from paypal or credit card…

and the 28.1$ “stuck” in the balance of fivver !

(i accept the canceltion by the way…)

please help me guys…

can i withdraw the money from fivver balance to paypal ?


can i pay part of the money from the balance in fivver and the second part from paypal ?

or you have another idea…

please let me know…

im really dissapointed from fivver !

Sheriff’s note: I’m closing this thread because you’ve already posted another one with same content in another category.

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