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The Single Best Selling Tip That Will Avoid Negative Feedback and Increase Sales


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Hi All,

This is one of my first posts in the Forums so be nice 🙂

I’ve almost hit 400 sales on Fiverr and so far have a 100% positive rating and regular buyers that purchase at least once per week. I didn’t use ‘SEO’ to increase the rankings of my gigs in the SERP’s (to be honest I haven’t had time to do this), but I have done the basic Fiverr stuff like tags.

However, what has brought me the most sales during my time on Fiverr is… Communication.

Before selling on Fiverr I was a buyer for a good 2 - 3 years, and during this time I rarely (if ever) had a seller start a conversation with me. I just submitted my order details and then waited for delivery, there was no chatter, it was boring and wasn’t very personal.

Now I’m going to tell you what I do, it’s very easy and has allowed me to keep my customers loyal since I have started selling:

  • They buy my gig
  • Auto message asks for order details
  • On EVERY new order I leave a message after they submit details, I have several ready to copy and paste depending on the gig, here’s an example:

    "Hey, Thanks for the order, I’ll get started on this right away for you. In the meantime should you have any questions or requests please let me know - I’m always happy to help! Thanks, Ricky"

    Sometimes a buyer leaves me a message and asks a question and I give them a helpful reply. Yes this does mean I spend more time on an order but it also means the majority of people are going to buy from me again.

    The truth is, optimising your gig for the Fiverr search is easy - just put your keywords wherever you can (within the Fiverr limits), add relevant tags, choose a good title and write your description well… Learning manners and customer service is harder!

    Conversation has also helped me avoid getting bad feedback, due to some server issues I was late delivering an order by almost 1 day, it was a new buyer so was worried about the feedback - so I sparked up a conversation with him and told him the situation; I offered to cancel the order or if he waited I would over deliver by X amount. He was happy to wait and in the end left me some awesome feedback.

    Not all buyers are like that though, I understand that and I’m sure in time I will get negative feedback from a buyer - but most TRS have a few negatives so it’s not the end of the world!

    So, do you communicate as much as you could?
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Reading all orders as soon as possible can help you address any issues that are a result of the buyer not reading or understanding your gig correctly. You want to address these issues quickly because the buyer may not respond right away and this can make it difficult to complete the gig by the deadline.

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Yes, that is right. Thank you for pointing out this aspect of communication @ruffcut!

Although you are more experienced (with 400 sales), and I have completed around 100 orders up to now (including my voice-over suspended gig), I am still with 100% positive ratings so please allow me to add these 2 comments:

  1. A auto message is also very helpful if a buyer clicked on the order button accidentally

    OR if the buyer forgets to submit what is neeeded for the seller to work on the project. Why? Because until the buyer responds to your auto message the clock is freezed!


  2. Until delivery, I prefer to communicate with my clients in a absolutely ‘personal’ way, so I do not use copy-paste messages. I see every buyer as a unique personality (as we all are btw) so I prefer a ‘fresh’ interaction. It takes a bit more time but in the end it is rewarding and it leaves this good taste of human communication.

    all the best with your sales!

    happyspace 🙂
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Great post ruffcut.

I’ve been on 5R for 2+ years & I always do as you suggest w/constant buyer contact.

I agree w/loudernet to always check ASAP after a new Gig comes in to catch confused Buyers.

Lately, I’ve had more Buyers confused about what I’m offering. They buy my Gig, but it’s not what I can, or want, to provide them with, as a service.

I’ve rewritten my description 3x to try & make it as clear as possible. Unfortunately I just don’t think some of the newer Buyers stop & read what I’m really offering.

By checking new Gigs as soon as they roll in, if the Buyer isn’t a good fit for my Gig, I can offer an instant mutual cancellation to avoid bad feedback, upset Buyers & general headaches.

I do hate to do any type of cancellations, but lately I’ve had no choice because of Buyers who are buying gigs w/out reading what they’re buying.

Today I had a new buyer who bought my Gig. When I contacted him he said "oh I need this Gig for my website, but I haven’t built it yet, so I think I shouldn’t have bought it yet?"

OK. Good to know. Glad I caught it right away to offer the cancellation. Right?

If anyone has tips on how to get new 5R Buyers to read the Gig descriptions before buying…

Thanks for a great topic & forum.

Wishing you all many prosperous sales!


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Excuse me guys & girls, this is a

Reply to @hairboutiquecom:

Hi, if you have such trouble, I suggest that you write first and on top of your gig description: Please Read Carefully Prior to Ordering. Your current FAQ line is too…polite.

Note: It is strange, I clicked on your profile and it shows that you are Level 2, but here in the forum it shows the usual newbie green ‘sheep’.

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