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Seller finding me


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I recently had a bad experience with a seller on fiverr. I didn’t put anything in the comments, but I did give a thumbs down. I’m now worried that the user will be able to get my personal information from my nickname. This is the only site that I use this nickname, but I’m worried that they might have some way to track me down.

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I don’t know what happened but…

First of all… :-)… why did you really need to give a thumbs down to a seller who offers work for $5 = $4? The best way is to try to solve the problem by communication and if that does not work and what the seller delivered was so awful, then you always have the ability to ask for mutual cancellation and get your money back.

Please keep in mind as a buyer that what you get here on Fiverr is worth much more than $5 (even with extras included)

Now I suppose you will probably get a thumbs down by the seller. This is not a happy situation.

Last but not least, don’t worry. If you only use this nickname here, no one will ever track you down and Fiverr keeps your info safe.

I hope that helped 🙂 at least for the future…

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