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Improvements to the ratings and reviews system

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Attention Sellers! We’re letting you know that after running a few tests and collecting valuable feedback, we’re implementing some changes to the ratings and reviews system that will continue to improve accuracy and trust on Fiverr.

Here’s what’s officially changing:

  1. Changing the form rating scale: The rating scale in the review form has changed back to stars from emojis— based on your valuable input.
  2. Reflecting most recent ratings: Public ratings will reflect two years back from the most recent review (as opposed to lifetime ratings) to ensure that they’re relevant to freelancers’ most recent quality and skills. Note: The total number of reviews will still reflect lifetime activity.
  3. Updating rating breakdown: As we previously changed some of the questions in the public review form, the new questions will start to reflect in the rating breakdown shown on Gig pages and freelancer profiles in the upcoming weeks, replacing the old breakdown questions - once we collect enough ratings to represent your performance. Learn more here.Y6IqyBrtyJ116fwqpJr9vuf4_XEF_fe93l-SQKA8
  4. Adjusting the buyer review policy: Buyer reviews will remain editable by the buyer for a limited time frame after the buyer submits their review, to encourage an honest and reliable review system. Only reviews that violate our Terms of Service and Community Standards will be removed. Learn more about this new policy here.

We previously let you know that we tested incorporating private reviews in the public rating calculation—we will not be incorporating the private rating in this calculation.

Thanks for sharing your feedback and helping us make changes that will improve everyone’s Fiverr experience.

- The Fiverr Team

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