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My success score is stuck at 4 since the new update.

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Since the new update, my Fiverr success score has been stuck at 4. It hasn't moved an inch. My gig impression is little to none since then. I have only worked with repeated clients since the new system. No new clients or new messages. I have over 800+ completed orders in this gig and almost 600 reviews.

Since the new update, I have delivered work faster, got better reviews, and got a few 5-star reviews. But, no change in the gig success score and performance.

I am clueless about what to do! Should I just remove this gig and start fresh? - creating new gigs and starting from zero? Because my current gig performance is worse than a new gig.





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Hello taufiq_sifat
I want to express my support for this publication. I have the same problem, in my case I always received good reviews, and for personal reasons I was not able to maintain good metrics before the update, and now I am stuck. In my case I used to deliver my orders late, (delayed by hours or 1 or 2 days) but nothing that my customers complained about. Always positive reviews, plus I used to ask my customers if they would allow me to use customer service to extend delivery time, and none of them objected, because it didn't bother them. So I assumed that in my case it was those 2 things that were wrong. So lately I've tried hard to deliver my things on time and not use that alternative, but it doesn't work either.
It's like I'm shadow banned.

I wonder if anyone else has this problem?
I hope you have a good day -Franco

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