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Is this some kind of bug or something?

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I would like to get some answers from experienced people. Not along the "spam your gig on social media..." kind of stuff, but something really useful and weighty.
I have great thumbnails, maximum number of gigs, each one has an optimized description and has a FAQ section. These gigs are in no way less than the competition in terms of gig quality or portfolio.
I have experimented with different keywords, both with small competition and large ones.
The last two gig I created, one of which was made in a very low-competence niche, collected 3 clicks in the whole time. This seems like a nonsense to me, because at least other beginners would be interested in looking at the gigs of their own competitors. And this strange number of 3 clicks cannot be explained in any way. Rather it seems to be a system limitation or that clicks are simply not counted by the system. So I want help from experienced people and professionals who have faced or are familiar with this problem and can give meaningful and really useful advice


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