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Fiverr needs to do a better job with customer support.

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I just want to say that Fiverr straight up has absolutely the worst customer support. You guys have no idea how important it is for others that wants to start their own business using the platform and in my case I keep on getting rejected on the gig I created which is to offer photography service. Now I'm no longer able post any gigs and Fiverr wont even give me any reasons why I'm prevented from posting any gigs. I'm being told that I can only be a buyer and not a seller anymore as I find this message to be rude such as from a Fiverr staff member that I will not name to follow the policy. I really do wish to speak verbally to someone on the support team but it looks like nobody is willing to step up to actually talk and dig down to the details of this problem and how it all began or even getting my seller profile to work. 


Fiverr, please step up on your customer support. A new user like me should not experience something like this.






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