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Longest Fiverr forum thread length?


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13 hours ago, ch6k0r said:

Quick question for forum active people, did any thread in the past reach this number of pages?

12 hours ago, vickiespencer said:

Yes, they used to cut them off at 250, I think. 🤔 Maybe @imagination7413 remembers. 

(Pulling your posts to this thread, since it's rather off-topic for that one.)

I think so? Before the migration from Discorse to Invision, it was almost mandatory to lock 'mega threads' due to the lag, since the former loaded ALL posts in the thread into one webpage. Invision at least divides posts into 25 per page. 


Just for fun, I sorted the forums by "Most Replies", and this came up:


(First result after the pinned threads.) 

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