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Fiverr AI Art NFT Scam



Hi Communtiy

Yesterday, I got a message on Fiverr that told me that they Loved my AI Arts in my very new gig (Made 2 Days Ago), they told me that they wanted to sell my AI Arts as NFTs, it also contained a Telegram Link and told me that it was a telegram, I contacted him in telegram and asked what types of NFT artworks do you want, he just told AI NFTs, then I sent him 10 samples with my watermark, he told them that he Would buy them all, then that Person told me first to deposit 300$ in my Metamask account so that my NFT gets listed through ETH, he then told that he would buy it, I told that I can't deposit this much amount, and asked him if he can first give me 300$ ETH, after delivery of NFTs, I would pay 300$ back, he Disagreed with it, then I told that I could deliver you the product only if you give me that 300$ listing charge first, after few hours, he agreed, but told that he would only give 250$ and I was to give rest 50$, I told that I didn't want to invest a Single penny in this field, he told that give 15$, I started to see few Reddit posts about these NFT Scams with AI Artists, and found out that many new Fiverr AI Artists often face this types of scams, I have told that person that I will not able to Deliver the Artwork.

Was my decision right?


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