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A way to make the buyer's secret review more fair.

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This whole thing with the bsr is a bane to many people. The biggest problem is that it's 24 hours later. A lot can happen in a day. They get their spec dropped. The client doesn't like the voice the producer loved the day before. A mood swing. A breakup. Constipation. Anything can cloud the day. Recollection is never as good as the experiential.
The BSR should be presented at point of sale like the public review.
It's the only thing we can really control. The point of sale is the only thing 5r should be concerned about. We are not part of our client's specs. We are independent contractors. They bought a product. The end.
If everything is to their satisfaction at point of sale and they close the job, that's it. What happens with the product afterwards is not, and should not be, my concern or responsibility. Review it at the moment, public and private.
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BSR is truly a tool for punishment and revenge. It's one thing to do a bad review. It's quite another to halt all progress on a good account holder because of it. 

It costs Fiverr untold millions in lost revenue. Especially in areas like art or Voice over where it's an aesthetic choice. 

In my case, if I were doing 1k a month net, that's 200 dollars I generate for Fiverr. Not including client side fees.

If I'm out of out work here for 6 months, that's 1200 Fiverr doesn't make.  And that's assuming I don't ramp up at all and stayed the exact same.

Multiply that by whatever thousands or more that get the same treatment and you get a cascade of LOST REVENUE.

In this Fiverr is pennywise and very pound foolish.  

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This is a call for transparency. In one way or another we have to be at least on an even footing with the client side. Concerns must be arbitrable. 
Privacy can still be maintained. But a seller needs to have the right to call for an arbitration with CS regarding the circumstances. 
We aren't pledging for a fraternity here. This is a marketplace for professionals. And we expect a better level of treatment. 

I say chuck The BSR. No client has any reason to be genuinely duplicitous. If they have a problem, it should be an up front issue like it is with any survey system on any other platform, such as Amazon. 

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