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Feb 22 10:11pm

Manage Discussion by Robert Tyler

Reply from Robert Tyler

Was looking around for a logo for the business. Now, my partner and I are getting ready to start up. Not knowing how much they cost, I got thinking about the assignment for this week. When it came time to go to the checkout and pay up. That’s when it was discovered how much it cost. The price of the logo is $60.00. Wow, I thought to myself, why so much so? Then I looked around the website and couldn't find a phone number for customer service anywhere, so that would be one of the weaknesses. Yeah, they had lots of spots where you could chat with a robot, but there was no way you were talking to a natural person. On the other hand, they offer so many different services, an opportunity not just for their employees but for just about anybody who wants to learn how to do the things they do there. So much training was provided, as well as opportunities for manageable entry levels for employment. For example, I just had to fill out an application as an affiliate. That’s just the start of the opportunities and services they offer. Several different programs like gigs and all kinds of stuff like that are a perfect opportunity for anybody who wants to learn about the product and the talent they do in that business for free. Once you know it, you can turn around and get paid for it, and many other opportunities offer partnerships and much more. I would suggest to anybody looking for a part-time gig or something related to that field to go check it out. Everything just mentioned would define their great strengths and opportunities. The only real threat currently is that, like any other company, it is going to have to deal with government regulations; keeping up with technology can be a threat and a weakness that just about every company must deal with. One of the most significant weaknesses is the threat of the no phone system for customer service. So, I dropped a comment on the help box and asked if someone could contact me to ask further questions and explain why. Then, I told them my assignment would be writing a SWOT on a company, and I picked them. They did get a reply back to me, and they stated that they requested to write a SWOT analysis of the business and further said that they would forward the inquiry to the relevant team for further review and would get back to me as soon as possible so if they do, going will adding it to this analysis.

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