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New ratings system punishing sellers

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I am totally convinced that dedicated, hard-working sellers on Fiverr are going to really suffer from the change in the ratings, especially through the 'Value for Money' metric.

As with anything in life, the better the quality the more you will pay, but that doesn't mean that customers like that fact. Human nature is such that we want everything and anything to be cheaper. So, when buyers are asked to rate our delivery according to a 'Value for Money' metric they will inevitably think, "Well, it could have been cheaper" (even if they were really satisfied with the delivery).

This becomes an even bigger issue when the only way to achieve a 5 star rating is if the Buyer rates your 'Value for Money' as Exceptional (not good or very good, but Exceptional). What are the chances of us being awarded that on a regular basis, especially if our prices are higher than some of our competitors? Virtually zero.

Buyers aren't going to think about whether we offer a better service than the other Sellers in our niche, they are just going to think, "Well, it was good, but it could have been cheaper."  As I said, human nature will dictate this choice - not the quality of our work.

A serious re-think is needed on this metric - and fast!

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Adding value for money was a bad move for both sellers snd fiverr,

firstly, it is human nature to want everything at a dirt cheap rate. No matter how justified the pricing the client will find a way to want it cheaper. Unless the seller himself is selling for dirt cheap. 

Why I think fiverr will negatively impact? value for money option will force sellers to sell their gigs at a lower rate/price which will in return affect fiverr earnings. There is a reason why no e commerce platform has “value for money” as an option for reviewing.

I too got two consecutive 4 star review even though the text by the reviewers were positive. 

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