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My Gigs were denied for no reason


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Hello to all sellers.
Has anyone else been denied the publication of their Gigs for no reason and "support" doesn't want to help?
I tell you my case: A couple of days ago I was editing two of my Gigs, I changed the prices and images to improve the statistics, I was even promoting one of those Gigs. The next day I saw that my Gigs had been denied for supposedly "explicit material" but I never offered that type of service. My Gigs were illustration and with both of them I had a total of 95 sales since 2022.
I contacted support to help me solve it but they told me that it was impossible to return the Gigs and they never told me exactly which image was that supposedly did not comply with the community standards. It is unfair to the sellers that we do not have the opportunity to appeal and that they return the Gigs with the condition of correcting the errors, they simply denied the Gigs without even saying what was wrong.
Does anyone know what I could do in this case? Those were the only Gigs that had sales and the only ones I work with, now they have been taken away from me.


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On 2/22/2024 at 11:24 AM, believediligent said:


Did denied gigs cannot be re-activated? even if it's not your fault? have you asked this question with support?

Hello! Sorry, I didn't see your response.
Exactly, my Gigs were denied for no apparent reason and support did not give me a specific reason why they were removed, they did not tell me which image supposedly violated the community guidelines.
How can I correct my mistake in future Gigs if they don't tell me what that mistake was?

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