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100+ and It Keeps On Going


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Just a positive note to share…

Today, a buyer and I have reached our 100th sale together. I’m not sure if he goes to other Fiverr sellers, or if it’s just me he does business with. But, he’s definitely one of those clients that’s more than just a client. He really is a friend that just lives FAR FAR AWAY! 😃

When he doesn’t answer within a day, I know something is up on his side of the world. It’s not like him to not respond within 12 hours. When I don’t answer right away, he knows I’m just swamped with work and will get to his order when I can. After all, he knows that I work part-time, that I have a family and that I workout an hour to two hours a day at the gym. We have never had a bad order together.

In fact, this particular buyer and I can almost read each other’s minds. I know many times what he is looking for in writings for his website. I guess after working together for so long, it happens. He’s the kind of client all sellers dream of having! I love working with this client. I look forward to working him, regardless of what the task is. And, I hope we have many more sales together.

Thank you for your continued business my friend! Here’s to 100 more!

And, thank you to Fiverr for letting us connect… this is def. a mutual financial benefit for us both!

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