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Hi @kiran_seo7,

11 hours ago, kiran_seo7 said:

Can someone tell me what is the mistake in my gig.

Please remove the "Fiverr's Choice" badge from your gig images:



This is against Fiverr's ToS (we can't display badges in our gig images).

Your gig galleries are also very empty - you only have a thumbnail image. Your gallery allows you to add a gig video, 3 images, and 2 PDFs to showcase your skills. There should be no doubt in your buyers' mind about what you can deliver to them. Find ways to use your gig galleries to communicate what makes you and your services unique and share examples of your work (for both guest posting and content writing) and show buyers what they can expect, should they buy from you. The more convincing your profile and gigs are, the more likely buyers will be interested in chatting with you in the inbox to learn more about you.

11 hours ago, kiran_seo7 said:

My gig impressions are decreasing daily.

If your impressions are decreasing, that means Fiverr's algorithm sees you as less and less relevant (compared with other sellers in your subcategory). So make sure your title, tags, and keywords accurately reflect what you can do. You can use your SEO and marketing techniques to drive traffic to your gigs until you can start gaining organic traffic through Fiverr's search. As you deliver more orders and keep your buyers happy, your visibility in search should increase.

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