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Make Fiverr Buyers Fee's Transparent from the start


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It seems that Fiverr has silently introduced a new price display (some time back) and is now "hiding" its own buyers fee's directly in the seller's offer price instead of showing them only in the checkout process.

As a result, I have had some complaints from my clients, that after we agree on an offer price the actual price on my offer is now higher than what we have agreed upon.

After sending screenshots back and forth and investigating the matter further, we found that Fiverr is not being transparent about its own fees in the first impression the client has. Fiverr Fees should be visible & transparent immediately, not just at checkout.


If Fiverr "hides" its own buyers fees in this manner, it makes the seller look like he/she is overcharging in their custom offers. But that is not all. When you are selling to Euro Market (or any non-dollar market), there are 4.5% extra fees. 

Fiverr charges hidden currency conversion fees that are not transparently displayed as such to the buying client. These are not shown at all.


1370 USD (agreed offer price / seller price)
1386 EUR (offer as seen by buyer)

At todays currency conversion rate, 1370 USD should be 1259 Euro. Yet Fiverr is asking for 127 Euro more. 72 of which are buyers fee. 55 Euros are (probably) currency conversion fees that Fiverr does not display as such in any way (that's a whopping 4.5 % conversion fee).

All these fees are displayed in such a way, as to give the impression that the amount was part of the clients offer (again, it looks as if the seller is overcharging). Also, since I live in the Euro Zone and the client lives in the Euro zone, why is there any conversion from EUR > USD > EUR going on in the first place?

Apart from the fact that Fiverr fees of almost 30% on the total transaction are very high compared to other platforms, the fact that these fees are not transparently shown to the buyer and then tugged away into the sellers offer is a bit disturbing.

Fiverr should be transparent about ALL the fees it charges and it should not "hide" them in the buyers offer. 

What do you think?

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I find it most troubling that no one else has replied to your post. This brings somethings to question.

I have ordered my first purchase and discovered the same 'mark-up', though upon further investigation found that it was spelled out elsewhere as the operational cost of fiverr. Further what was not mentioned in your post (as it is unrelated) is that the seller only gets 80% of the fee and fiverr retains 20%. Again this is to offset operational costs.

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