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How long until your first gig?


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I created my first gig, spent a lot of time thinking about my title, my description. I checked it over a hundred times to make sure I had presented myself and my work in the best possible way etc. I was certain I would get at least a little bit of interest.

Unfortunately though, nothing happened. I literally got zero orders and no messages besides a couple from scammers. I was so disappointed. I ended up taking my services elsewhere.

About a month after posting my gig, I got a real request and order. I actually didn’t even respond to it right off because I didn’t know if I felt like getting involved with Fiverr again after my initial disappointment. However I did get back to the buyer. I completed his gig and he gave me a five star rating. I was thrilled!

Since that first buyer took a chance on me and gave me a five star, I have been steadily increasing my sales daily. In my experience, all you need is one person to give you a shot and that one good rating will entice other buyers to use your services.

I guess in conclusion, it takes awhile to get going but try not to be discouraged (like I was). Be patient and work will come, it’s almost a guarantee!

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