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21 minutes ago, roberts4807 said:

I have recently started using Fiverr. It seems like I have to leave a review to tip the seller. If I don't review, it skips the tip screen. Am I missing something? 

Hi @roberts4807, Welcome to Fiverr and the forum!

Technically you have to leave a review in order to give your sellers a tip (per Fiverr's Help Center), but Fiverr's system does allow sellers to skip the review and still leave a tip (by skipping the review, going back to the order screen, and clicking on the "Tip" option). I'm not sure if this is shown on all orders. 

Personally, I like this glitch because I don't think buyers should be forced to leave reviews in order to leave tips. However, when I pointed out this out to CS (I requested they update the Help Center), CS let me know that the Help Center is the standard they are working towards and a future update will make it so that buyers will no longer be allowed to leave tips without reviews. I'm not sure when that update will happen.

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