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Fiverr For Beginers [Part 01]


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make money with fiverr

If you have aspirations of making a fortune online someday, then there may not be a better way to get your feet wet than Fiverr. Fiverr is a site released several years ago and basically it’s just a marketplace of services that people offer for $5.00. Unlike ebay and other online marketplaces like amazon, Fiverr doesn’t require you to sell any products. You can offer your services that can be done right from your computer, fiverr calls these services gigs.

If you look at the site you will see all the different gigs that members are offering. Some can be pretty outrageous, like dressing up as the easter bunny and dancing with your logo in hand. A lot of people use these gigs to promote their websites, blogs, and videos. Other popular gigs include designing logos, video intros, voice over work, and many more. Really anything you can think of within reason is listed on this site. It all depends on what people think is worth $5.00.

If you want to make money with fiverr just do a little research on the site and get a good idea of what other people are offering. Just think of things that you are good at and are willing to do for $5.00. Your going to want to build up some good feedback before you really start getting a good amount of orders. I found that when you first start out its a good idea to make a few gigs that are offering more than what other sellers are. For example someone is offering a 1 minute voice over, then you should try offering a minute and a half. Just make your listing stand out from the crowd and you should start getting some orders.

When posting a gig it’s a good idea to make your title very descriptive and to the point, this is what draws people in. On your gig description make sure you add as much information so it doesn’t leave potential buyers asking too many questions. I always add a good picture and even a video, this will show people that your gig is unique and as the seller you are professional. If you want to know how to set up a quick professional looking image check out this short article I wrote.

I think fiverr is the best way to start making money online, and it’s so easy to get started. Once you make money with fiverr, you will have some experience making money online and you can start to move on to different streams of income. I have even managed to build some clients through fiverr that I continue to stay in contact with. Although $5.00 isn’t much 2 or 3 gigs a day and that’s some decent extra cash in your pocket for just and hour or two of work that can be done while sitting on the couch watching south park, not bad eh?

The only hard part about fiverr is making gigs that people are willing to pay $5 bucks for. I have been using fiverr for a while and I know what gigs I have had success. Start off with gigs that interest you and if you ever need new ideas, check back here for some great gig ideas. My site is still in it’s early stages, but i’m a big fan of fiverr and it’s potential so you can expect a lot of info and gig ideas near future!


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