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Fiverr Forum truly inspired me to stick to this platform even after not getting a single order yet


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I have been always active since day one to the forum and it truly helped me learn a lot about fiverr and how this platform works. 


Starting from reading problems of a seller to knowing tricks to attract clients to genuinely go through my gig, the forum has helped me in many ways. 

I thank every one of the forum members all over the world for posting their journey, their problems and share their experiences with us to know more about the platform. 

I also thank those who replies to each and every topic with their valuable suggestions that eases us to relate to the problem and solve it as faster as it could be. 

It actually makes me really very happy to see the posts that starts with “My First Order”. I read each and every topic of first order take motivation. 

I hope even I can post “My First Order” type of topic here in the forum soon and share my journey too. 

Thank You! 

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