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Hello guys, so I ordered an gig 3 times and I spent 15$, then the seller contacted me and told me that he couldnt do the promised… Here is what he wrote:


I can not do this to your url.

Have you ever ordered for a Fiverr other users. It already exists in management systems of others.

Please order early for me immediately.

Let’s work with a Fiverr users. The only one.

Thank you.

but that was my very second order on fiverr and the first one wasnt about that… And I decided to ask for refund, I was not getting any answer so i opened an dispute on paypal and canceled the order in the resolution center. After few hours I checked in my payments on fiverr and saw “Cancelled Payment Refunded to Shopping Balance (view order)” and also “Deposit Placed on Hold by Credit Card Company or PayPal” so I closed my case on paypal and when i tried to buy another gig its showing me "Your account is temporarily restricted from performing this operation.

For more information, contact our customer support team. "

What is that and why? Also I lost every my gig. Is there any way for me to get those 15$ back?

edit: now in my fiverr balance says Held Deposit Released but i still cannot use the money or use the account… i can just watch the balance

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