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35 minutes ago, optimizy said:

I have seen many gig have hide their ratings and order completed and also how many reviews they have got

This is because they have zero reviews. Some sellers may have completed orders, but if no reviews are showing, no one rated that gig.

28 minutes ago, optimizy said:

i think a reason buyers dont work with new sellers or having only one order completed.

I'd rather buy from a new seller with one 5-star review than with a seller with none.

11 minutes ago, optimizy said:

Any suggestion for second order. 

Offer services that will keep your buyers coming back. I found out my first buyer (for proofreading) also wanted data entry and virtual assistance. So I set up those gigs and immediately got 2 more orders. Then another buyer came and ended up ordering 6 back-to-back orders for data entry. Other buyers requested editing and writing instead of proofreading, so I started offering those services as well. From listening to my buyers, I have been able to consistently average 3-5 orders for new buyers with that amount repeated on a monthly basis for my long-term, repeat customers.

14 minutes ago, filipdevaere said:

Go for your second order.

This is awesome advice - @filipdevaere is right. If you are always thinking of your next order, you will always be in business.

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