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Went from on average 8 orders a month to maybe 5 orders total a year in 2nd half of 2021..


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Like the title says I would do on average 8 gigs a month and then 2nd half of 2021 things fell off hard.  Since then I get maybe 5 orders in the whole year.  Nothing has changed, I get great reviews, my work is high quality and I always communicate.  I tried promoting my gig and got no leads off it.  At first I thought it was due to Covid and people just had less cash to spend on getting music mixed but this is still an on going issue.  Only thing I did notice was it seems like a lot of the newer customers are very hesitant working with someone without getting a sample of their music mixed because they've been burned before by fake sellers,  I wonder if this is a big issue on the platform.  I do have many samples of past work on my page too.  Id love to be able to mix a sample but it takes almost as much time as mixing the whole song.  Wonder if anyone else is having this experience and if they were able to fix it.  I'm a level 2 seller and been on the platform since 2015 also.

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