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Hello! Share your experiences about account restriction! Probably rare/unlucky situation

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Hi, I've been temporarily restricted for a second warning of the same ToS rule-breaking (fake reviews).

Basically for the first warning I bought a review and got caught 😄 and after that I started to get traction (even two orders at the same time a little bit later because my gig was promotable). And Fiverr probably flagged my account from the first time and it looked even more suspicious after getting SUCH traction of orders. In short for the second warning (which ended in an account restriction & review) I didn't buy fake reviews. I believe if they really looked into my account (everything, work submits, chats, even fails on how I argue with clients :D) they would understand that was a mistake by the algorithm.

This post isn't for crying, but more for hearing other colleagues' experiences. Do they often un-restrict accounts in such situation? I really loved working on Fiverr more than anywhere else. I even regret it very much 😅

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