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Format your gig properly, make it look classy & then contact support


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Hello everyone! Most of you know me, Prince Maxx.

I am sharing my tip with you all.

I have a gig where I design a movie/book trailer.


Recently I contact support asking them to feature my gig

Thank you for contacting us. I’ve checked on your gig and saw that you would need to get some more recent successful sales on it before it can be nominated for getting additional exposure.

At this time you might consider manually advertising your gig in social networks and on other websites where this is allowed.

I hope this would work out for you.

I was disappointed but then that didn’t stop me. I changed the gig a bit, altered some stuff.

I got a few orders… then I contacted support again.

I am happy to send your request to our editors and you will be contacted if necessary.


Boom! I was placed on the page, well it was not the position I was hoping for but nevertheless it was something BIG!

If I can do it, anyone can do it!

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