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Benefit of the gigs.... What do you think?

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Guest craigslists

I just launched my first gig and want to know the best way to get it right. What are the tips to benefit from this first gig? And how can i promote and be one of the rated sellers?

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1: Make sure your gig is something people will want to buy.

2: Make sure your title, description, and tags are GOOD!

-Title should be straight to the point and catch potential buyer’s eye.

  • Description should be clear, and tell the potential buyer exactly what they will be getting and all the details of your service, as well as “sell” your gig to buyers.

    -Tags should include keywords from your title and description. Try to think of words that people who are looking for the service you provide will type in the Fiverr search so that yours will pop up! Try to use maximum number of tags you can.

    3: Add a video to your gig. Whether it is a video introducing yourself and the service you provide, or a presentation video like this http://5rr.cc/s/3q8hi4 Videos really help increase the chances of you getting sales. Also, your gig will be shown in the “Haz Video” section of the Fiverr Search!

    4: Promote your gigs on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and any other social networking sites. Also, forums, blog posts, etc… just don’t spam!

    As far as how you can “be one of the rated sellers”… http://fiverr.com/levels

  • You will be promoted to LEVEL 1 after being active on the site for at least 30 days and have completed at least 10 orders while maintaining excellent ratings and a great track record.

    -You will be promoted to LEVEL 2 once you have completed over 50 orders in the past two months while maintaining excellent ratings and a solid track record.

    -Top Rated Sellers are manually chosen by Fiverr editors. Promotion is based on criteria including: seniority, volume of sales, extremely high rating, exceptional customer care and community leadership. As a Top Rated Seller, you’ll gain access to more extensive sales tools, early access to beta features and VIP support.

    Good luck and Happy Fiverring! 🙂
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