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Hello Sellers,

This is a comparison between a Successful person and an Unsuccessful person.

I hope that everyone understands the content of the article good.

Successful person:

-Proud of the victories of others.
-Always shared information.
-Forgiving others.
-Continuous learning.
-Work from the perspective of a selective.
-Setting goals and plans for the development.
-Feeling grateful.
-Accept changes.
-Wish success to others.
-Accept full responsibility for the failure.

Unsuccessful person:

-Thinks he knows more than anyone else
-Possession on the victories of others.
-Retain information for himself.
-Sense of entitlement
-Work from the perspective of transactions
-Does not set targets (Goals)
-Does not know what he wants
-Failure wished for others
-Does not listen to advice
-Does not accept criticism
-Airs frustration and lack of optimism to those around him

Professional seller tips here:
Thank you

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