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I've been trying to make sales on my gig for MONTHS but no one wants to buy it

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4 hours ago, kim_queen said:

I've tried everything I know to improve my gig, I've lowered the price many times, I even bought a COURSE on how to make my gig on fiverr perfect. But nothing works. I do not know what else to do. Can someone please look at my gig and rate or give some help? https://www.fiverr.com/kim_queen/create-a-pixel-art-background-for-your-game-or-anything

In my opinion, you should concentrate on you package's price. Even you can increase your price when you will level up. You can start from $5 for a single image. You can increase your price when sale will increase. 

Besides this, You should set  up your tags, keywords as well as title description properly so that your gig's explanation gets perfect. Of course, you have to do SEO for your banner  image. Try to follow how TRS writes their gig's description. But don't copy them. Just have a look on them how they set up everything and then implement your own idea on your gig. Hope this will help. 

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I am also a new seller like you, but out of the research  I made. you need to be active online. you can download fiverr apps in the Playstore. also you need to check your price and also what you wrote on your description. also use a good keyword and make sure your service is under the right categories. Your an eye-catching image on your gigs and if possible also upload video on gigs to explain what you offer.  this is what i have to support other comment above with my experience as a new seller

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