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Fiverr Revenue Card Question


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Okay so I signed up for the card, yes I know it has fees assiciated with it for depositing - $1 if you’re not in a rush. And I knew there were some other fees like cash withdrawals etc, but I just wanted to keep my Fiverr money separate and I would probably never take out cash since I have my wages for that and who uses cash any more anyway?!?

So what I had in my head was, just a $1 load fee and that’s it as long as I pay by card and use it every month.

And then I got to the bottom and saw this:

  • There is a fee for transactions originated in a country outside of the country of issuance OR in a currency different than the card currency of up to 3% above all fees assessed by MasterCard.

    Sooo since I am in the UK using the £ and not the $, it looks like I am going to get charged a fee for even using it over the counter - is this right??

    I logged into my account and saw the $ sign, surely you would have thought that they would have just converted the currency into my country of origins money (like PayPal), I mean they sent me the card so they must know where I live?? But by the looks of it they are just lazy, they load the card with $ and then charge you to use it every time…

    I saw them saying on the forum that this card is really good for countries that don’t have PayPal… If that is the market they are aiming for they’ve gone the wrong way about it…

    If I was in America I would definitely use it, I’d happily lose $1 to have a separate account for Fiverr stuff - obviously if you prefer cash PayPal is the way to go 🙂
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