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Impressions issue of the gig


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Listen man, I get it. Comedy is a though business. But maybe it’s time to consider a far more gruesome truth:

Maybe your impressions aren’t funny.

The trick is to not attempt a complete re-creation of someone, but rather - you have to focus on and exaggerate specific features.

Also, I’d seriously avoid the typical impressions because they’re all so widely covered. Walken, Nicholson, Brando, Falk, Seinfeld … an impression gig ain’t your living room hoss, give the people something new. And for the sake of all that’s fine and dandy - whatever you do, don’t take out a guitar.

Why is it that every comedian secretly what’s to be a musician and every musician thinks that they’re funny?

(Actually, if we pause this bit right here - based on my occupation - that was some fairly accurate meta-analysis that I just insulted myself with)

Just look at yourself in the mirror, tighten your stomach and say to yourself, “Self … at least I’m not a prop comic.”

With that type of belief, sooner or later your impression gigs will come. 

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