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can anyone help me to get order?


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Nobody can help you to get an order. Here Forum people can provide suggestion how you can get an order.

Please try to be active. Make a perfect gig with appropriate Gig Title, Image, Description, Tag, Price.

Hope you will get your first order very soon.

Thanks 🙂

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It would be helpful to use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation in your profile description, gig descriptions, etc. to make a better impression on potential buyers. 

For example, your profile description reads: 


i have knowledge about Ms office as whole. I can deliver work on time. typing speed is good. replying as soon as possible. i have efficiency in my work. i am looking for good coopreation

If you can't bother to capitalize the word "I" or spell "cooperation" correctly, why would a buyer trust you with their project?

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As well as improving the descriptions, another thing is you have 2 gigs called "I will scrape google maps businesses data with emails". Gig duplicates aren't allowed. Also in one of those gigs the text gets cut off when shown on the profile
In one of those gigs' images you say "Google Map Data Scrapping" - I think "Scrapping" could be changed there.

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