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Here's a few suggestions/comments:

Gig: I will design beautiful and professional resume template
In the gig description:
It says "see the FAQs below" but there is no FAQ section in this gig. I'd add an FAQ section.

Gig: I will design your own 3 custom logo design

Maybe change/reword the title. If there will be 3 designs maybe the title could say "designs" instead of "design"
In the gig description:
Maybe change "i will" and "dont"

The premium package desc. says "stationary". Maybe change.

In the FAQ section:
Maybe change "the Stationary Design Kit?" in question 3.

Gig: I will be your trendy smart minimalist perfect logo designer
Maybe add more search tags (unless you've already entered 5 and it's not showing them all).

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41 minutes ago, faiqaali152 said:

i am getting good impressions and clicks but no orders any solution

If you're getting plenty of clicks it's might mean the main gig images and what's shown in the search results are okay (for the gigs getting those clicks) but there's something in the gig description or other things on the gig page (eg. samples) that might be making them decide not to order at that time.

In your Resume gig the sample resume says "CHIEF EXLUSIVE OFFICE" near the top. I'd change that. It also says in the example CV "Anywhare ST" - I'd change that.

So you could check what gig is getting a lot of clicks and see if anything could be improved on the gig page.

Also other people on the forum have said you shouldn't need to stay online on Fiverr a lot. As long as you respond to to buyers reasonably fast it should be okay.

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Hy every one!

From somedays fiverr impressions are not accuratley showing. My gig impressions decreased but when i viewed from desktop site they were more than they were showing! 

Also i am getting good amount of impressions and clicks still no orders.

How can i change clicks to order.

Can someone rate my gigs out of 10


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