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  1. It takes time to reach the gig at same rank.
  2. The gig video should be a description of your gig and your skill sets some details about you and your other experties.
  3. No idea what services you offer?
  4. Your account will be permanently banned incase fiverr detect it.
  5. If fiver caught those sellers they are permanently banned for uaing fiverr. Dont use auto refresh as it is not good for profile.
  6. I myself experienced this When i left the platform more sometime my all gigs were deactivated by fiverr.
  7. Dont worrykeep growing and improving your skills. Buyer pay more attention to your work and their requirements.
  8. If you stay active on fiver then gigs also stay active. If you leave the platform for months then fiverr deactivates your gigs.
  9. Do promoting gig on social media really helps in any way? And gig clocks exchange works for getting order? Is it suggested from pro people here?
  10. Charge for that sample and make it in such a way that they can't use it. Sometimes spammer try to spam new sellers by asking them sample and then they block the seller. So prociding sample of their specific work is not going to work. So be carefull. And don't waste your efforts on those people.
  11. Every one share their problem in forum. And fellow lancers guide them.
  12. Same problem. Not getting any brief since two months. Also checked the brief option. But i didn't received even a single brief.
  13. Try to promote your gig in facebook groups. It will help for sure.
  14. Dont worry this is fiverr algorithm it will automatically rank again after sometime.
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